Looking For AAA Roadside Assistance In Chicago?

Are you in the Chicagoland area and need a AAA towing company provider? Lucky’s Towing provides private towing and AAA service provider. Therefore we provide towing and roadside assistance to all motorists who are in an unfortunate situation roadside. Our services are available 24 hours a day, no matter the time of day, every day of the week. Because we genuinely care about keeping motorists safe on the busy roadways in Chicago when you need it, you can always count on us for quick and professional service.

Why Call A AAA Roadside Assistance Company?

Whether you need a private tow or AAA Roadside service provider, take your time and check out the towing company you are calling. When you want a company you can trust to provide you with the highest quality towing and roadside AAA service, check to ensure the company you are calling is upstanding by checking out their google reviews and social media footprint. By checking their google reviews and social media impression, you will get an idea if they follow through with what they say. Look at their credentials too. Are their tow truck operators not only are trained but are they also certified. Are they up to date with their permits, insurance, and proper licensing? Here at Lucky’s Towing, we have more insurance coverage than required through the state of Illinois. All of our permits are up to date. We require all of our drivers to have the proper license for the size of vehicle they are towing and ensure they keep them up to date.

Your AAA Roadside Assistance Experts

No matter what you drive, Lucky’s Towing knows how to tow your vehicle properly. We have acquired our expertise by staying up to date in the latest towing techniques, the knowledge gained by years of providing our service, and understanding our customers’ need to be empathetic to your frustrating situation. And we believe in taking care of our employees so that they will take better care of our customers. It’s a great recipe to provide the highest quality towing and roadside assistance services to the Chicagoland area’s motorists.

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AAA Roadside Assistance Chicago

More Than AAA Roadside Assitance

Lucky’s Towing provides more than AAA service provider. Our team is available 24 hours a day for residential and commercial services. We treat each and every customer with the highest respect and concern for the service they require, whether you drive a passenger vehicle to the largest commercial vehicle such as a dump truck to a tractor trailer. Because we have 35 tow trucks and a dozen veteran tow truck operators, we can provide quick response times. So, if you find yourself down an embankment and need a winch, in need of a damage free car locksmith service, or if you’ve been in an accident, you are going to want THE trusted towing provider in the Chicagoland area, Lucky’s Towing.

Do You Need Towing Service?

Did you know that if your tractor is overweight we can help by providing a load shift? There’s no need to stay stuck at the scales because Lucky’s Towing never stops. We have the equipment and docks, when necessary, to facilitate a load shift or load transfer on our property. And we can even come to you for a load shift. We have the forklifts, skid steers, pallet jacks and wrap, if necessary, to get you 100% legal and back on the road.

No need to continue down the road with an unhealthy load that’s in danger of putting you on your side. Let our crew unload and reload your pallets so that you’re legal and safe.

AAA Roadside Assistance Chicago

Accident Towing

Being involved in an accident can be extremely overwhelming, to say the least. Not only is it downright scary, but knowing who to call to get your vehicle out of the roadway quickly without doing any more damage to your car or truck is highly important. Therefore calling a knowledgeable, highly trained, and skilled towing company that does more than just towing is imperative. The good news is we are the towing company to turn to when you’re involved in a car accident. Here at Lucky’s, we are more than just a towing company that provides towing services that don’t break the bank. Our operators have the skills and equipment to recovery a small passenger vehicle all the way to a fully loaded tractor trailer, with that kind of skills and equipment that makes us your solution to your unfortunate predicament.

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    AAA Roadside Assistance Chicago
    AAA Roadside Assistance Chicago
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    Heavy Duty Towing

    Semis, loaded tractor trailers, dump trucks to any size RV, including Deisel pushers, Lucky’s Towing is the leading heavy duty towing expert in the Chicagoland area. Our tow truck operators are wreckmaster trained and are ready and willing to take on any challenging situation you throw at them.

    AAA Roadside Assistance Chicago