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Your day started off great. You’re about ready to finish at the morning job-site and then your truck you use to haul the trailer and skid steer breaks down. You need to get the skid steer to another job-site by 1:00 pm but don’t have the time to repair the truck before that. What do you do when you can’t get everything done all at once? You know that customer well, and he’s not going to be happy if you’re late or need to reschedule. No worries, we are your solution. We provide equipment towing, plus we can quickly get that truck to the shop for you as well.

Lucky’s Is Your Equipment Transport Specialist

We provide rollbacks or flatbed tow truck services to help make life easier, plus it’s easy and economical to move your equipment from job-site to job-site and then transport it back to your shop. We can schedule your equipment hauling by appointment or just arrive after a phone call to Lucky’s. We can also haul sheds, lawn tractors, and even forklift towing.  If you have equipment you’ve rented and you need it transported, we can do that for you as well. We are the solution to all your equipment transport needs.

Why A Rollback For Equipment Towing?

Why not!

We have trained tow truck operators that know how to load and unload the equipment with all the tools necessary to get the job done right. We all know there’s a lot of work involved to transport equipment from job-site to job-site. You’ve got to have the truck, and the right size ball and hitch. Not to mention, to legally transport equipment you must have all the lights hooked up to the truck from the trailer and be sure that they’re all in good working condition. You’ve already done half a day’s work just getting the equipment loaded and ready to transport to the site.

No worries… Lucky’s is here to lighten your load! Call on us for all of your towing and roadside needs.

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Rollback Equipment Transport Will Make Your Job Easier

We take all the hard work out of transporting equipment with a rollback. It's simple really, we back up to the skid- steer, trencher, bobcat, tractor or whatever, tilt the bed and begin the loading process. The bed will come directly in contact with the road at an angle to make loading your equipment as smooth as butter. We then carefully attach the winch cable to whatever equipment you need to have hauled, take it out of gear, then slowly winch the equipment onto the bed. After we have the bed back into place, we then secure the equipment to ensure safe transport. When we arrive at the drop-off location, we reverse the entire process. Like I said, smooth as butter because we specialize in equipment transportation. Oh Yeah, we also can tow your car or truck to the shop just as smoothly. And, we're available 24/7.

Heavy Load Lifting Services

Did I mention that we also have heavy wreckers for lifting heavy loads? Maybe all you need is a load lifted. We can do that as well with our heavy duty wreckers. For example, if you need an air conditioning unit loaded onto a trailer or any large heavy equipment moved at the job-site in the Chicago area, we can help.  With our wide range of services, Lucky’s can get you taken care of 24/7. Call Lucky’s for all your equipment transporting, lifting and towing needs.

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    Equipment Towing Bedford Park Illinois
    Equipment Towing Bedford Park Illinois
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