How To Jump Start A Car?

Do you have a dead battery and wonder if you can jump it yourself? Yes, you can battery boost your car yourself. But, there are some dangers involved. If you do not know how to boost your own car safely, you could potentially start a fire, cause damage to your car or cause damage to the vehicle of the good samaritan helping you. Four steps could ensure the safety of your and the other person’s vehicle helping you. 

  1. First, with the good car running, you will place the red positive jumper cable clamp to the positive post of the running car. Be sure the cable clamps do not touch each other. Then place the positive jumper cable clamps to the positive battery post of the running car.
  2. Next, place the negative clamp of the jumper cable to the negative post of the car you are jump starting. Then do the same to the positive jumper cable clamp to the positive post of the car you are jump starting. Give the dead car battery about 3-5 minutes to charge.
  3. Next, go ahead and try to start the car with the dead battery. then you can remove the cables from both vehicles. Be sure to keep the jumper cable clamps from each other to prevent sparks and damage to both vehicles. 
  4. Once the car has started, do not turn it off for at least 20 to 30 minutes to completely recharge the battery to keep it from dying again.

The best and most convenient way to get your car back on the road from a dead battery is to call a professional towing company. Professional towing companies have the right equipment, training, and experience to boost your car battery in a manner of minutes safely.

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When you are running late and have a dead battery, there’s no time to wait around for a friend or family member to help. We’ve got great news. Call us here at Lucky’s Towing and Recovery, and we’ll have you back on schedule fast. We built our business on providing fast response times. Our team truly cares about delivering value to our customers. Whether you are a residential or commercial motorists you can count on us to go above and beyond to ensure you are happy with your service.

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Are you in Chicago and need a professional towing company to provide you with a battery boost? Lucky’s Towing and Recovery provides affordable, prompt roadside assistance services. Our team of highly knowledgeable tow truck operators will help get your car back on the road. And if, for some reason, your car won’t start after a battery boost, we can tow you to your auto shop. We can get you back on the road fast no matter what you drive.

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Classic Car Towing

Our tow truck operators truly understand how important your classic or vintage vehicle is to you. We take the privilege of being able to tow your classic car seriously. You can count on our tow truck operators to pay attention to the smallest details when loading, transporting and delivering your baby.
There’s nothing worse than sitting roadside with no help in sight. Many towing companies can help you, but the real question is, are they prompt and reliable. We give importance to getting you and your vehicle fast. Because we know experiencing car problems can be exhausting and a time sucker, we guarantee you will receive excellent service that will put you at ease. We offer 24/7 classic car towing services so that you can depend on us anytime, any day.

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When you are in Chicago and need a tow truck in the dead of night, at sunrise, or in the middle of the afternoon, call us at Lucky’s Towing and Recovery. Our well maintained tow trucks and our fully staffed highly experienced tow truck operators are ready to manage all your roadside needs immediately. No matter the weather, if it’s a holiday or time of day we can handle your light, medium, and heavy duty towing and roadside assistance services.
Our tow truck operators are Wreckmaster Certified and can safely tow any make or model vehicle on the roadway as well as accident towing, heavy duty recovery to motorcycle towing, and quickly getting your child out of a hot locked car. Allow us to achieve our goal of providing the highest quality towing and roadside assistance service in the towing industry by calling us, Lucky’s Towing and Recovery.

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Most people don’t have the luxury of managing their car, truck, SUV, all-wheel drive, or four wheel drive breakdown days, or even hours later. We genuinely understand your time is valuable. Therefore we have built our business on fast response times. Whether you are a business owner or a residential motorist getting you and your vehicle where you need it to go when you need it is our priority. Our rates are affordable, and our customer service is the best in the towing industry.

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    From dump trucks, fully loaded tractor trailers, high centered trucks to semi’s, Lucky’s Towing can handle all your heavy duty needs. All local law enforcement trusts us to safely manage your heavy duty recovery needs. Therefore, when your driver is in a bind or need your truck back on the road ASAP, call us at Lucky’s Towing and Recovery for prompt, professional heavy duty towing.

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