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Do You Have Questions About Roadside Assistance?

On average, motorists use the services of a towing company once every three to five years. This infrequency of use leads to questions about roadside assistance and what exactly towing companies provide. At Lucky’s Towing, we want to be as transparent as possible, and provide you with answers to your most commonly asked questions. Below we provide answers to your questions and describe some of the roadside services we provide.

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Lucky’s Towing Answers Your Questions

Question: Will your towing company bring me gas if I run out of gas while driving?


Gas Delivery

Yes. Lucky’s Towing provides full-service gas delivery and diesel delivery.  One call and we’ll have one of our courteous tow truck operators to your location with enough gas to get you to the next station.

Question: Can you provide roadside assistance services, such as changing a flat tire at my home?


Tire Changing Service

Yes. If you are located in an area we service, regardless of if it’s out on the roads, at your office, or even at your home, Lucky’s Towing Service can help you. We provide roadside services at your home.

Our customers love our service and attention to every detail.

If you have questions we haven’t addressed here please get in touch.

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Question: If my car won’t start and I need a new battery will you bring me a new battery and replace my old battery?


Battery Service

Yes. If your car won’t start, we’ll come out and test your battery. If during the battery test we learn that you need a new battery we’ll replace it with a battery made specifically for your car.

Question: If I lock my keys in my car can your tow truck operator get them out without causing damage?


Damage-Free Lockout Service

Yes, Lucky’s Towing provides damage free lockout service. Our tow truck operators have unlocked thousands of cars and pay special care and attention when unlocking your car.

Question: When I am stranded roadside how long does it typically take for a towing company to arrive to help?


Roadside Assistance Response Times

At Lucky’s Towing, we can get to your location in a short time specifically because of our ability to cover a large service area. With more than 35 trucks, we typically arrive within 30 minutes

Roadside Services

Battery Service or Jump Start

Sometimes cold mornings can cause your car not to start, when this happens there’s a good chance that you need more than a jump start. You might need car towing service. To avoid damage to the battery or electrical system when jump-starting a battery you should only trust a professional. And, for optimum battery life you should always consult your vehicle manufacturer’s suggestions. Not just any battery will work for your car.

Flat Tire Change

A flat tire can happen due to running over a nail or hitting a curb. Most vehicles are equipped with spare tires, although some of the newer ones are not. Changing your own tire can be dangerous, especially if your vehicle is roadside. But, it can also be time-consuming. Rather than wasting time attempting to find the spare and all the tools, call a professional to do change your tire.

Gas Or Diesel Delivery

If your gas gauge isn’t working you might find yourself roadside with no gas in the tank. If this happens to you, you’ll need to have one of our service professionals deliver some gas. We will quickly come to your location and provide you with a couple gallons of gas, just enough to get you to the nearest gas station. We charge a service fee plus the cost of the gas.

Winching Service

Roads, slick with ice or snow can be treacherous, causing your car to slide off the road. When when you need emergency winching, your best bet is to call for a tow truck for winching service. Although you may be able to free your vehicle with the help of a passing motorist, you increase your time spent roadside which increases the chances of a secondary accident occurring. Call us instead.

Lockout Service

When you cannot gain entry to your vehicle due to the fact that your car keys are locked inside you need lockout service. Rather than attempting to open your vehicle yourself, we suggest that you call a towing professional to do the job. Avoid the unnecessary damages of trying to unlock your car with a clothes hanger. Call Lucky’s Towing for your lockout needs.

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  • Winching Service

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  • Load Transfers
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Are You Searching For A Tow Truck Near You?

Unfortunately, you don’t get to decide when you need help with your car. But when you do, just know that Lucky’s Towing Service is always available, 24 hours a day. With more than 35 light and heavy-duty tow trucks and dozens of experienced tow truck operators, you can rest assured that your roadside service needs will be met. We’ve been helping the motorists of Chicago for more than 20 years, and we guarantee we can help you too.



My Semi Truck broke down on me in Oshkosh, WI I had a driver on the way to pick me up for a very good price. I Highly recommend this towing service.
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Fast and reliable service. Professional employees that communicate and arrive in a timely manner. Great company with exceptional customer service.
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Great pricing, professional and friendly. Definitely will be requesting their services again.
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Lucky’s Towing is a great towing company. Their service is like none other. Very professional and fast service.
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Didn’t need to be with my car to tow it. Professional company. Great job
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Luckys is a great company. They provide great customer service and have professional employees that make the process fast and easy. I recommend Luckys Towing & Recovery to anyone that is in need of a tow, jump start, lockout, etc.
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Very professional and honest will definitely use them again.
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