RV Towing Chicago

Are you sitting roadside with a motor home due to a breakdown? You are in luck. You’ve come to the right place. Lucky’s Towing and Recovery is a full service towing company in Chicago that has the right equipment and the manpower with the right training to tow your motorhome safely. Our dispatch center is open 24/7 for all your towing and roadside assistance needs because you never know when you may need assistance roadside.

Dependable RV Towing

What do you consider to be a dependable towing company? Here at Lucky’s Towing, to be regarded as dependable, we take into consideration four categories.

  1. Arriving on time: It’s essential for the towing company you choose to arrive on time. You can count on Lucky’s Towing to provide you with an accurate ETA. We will always let you know if, by chance, our driver is running late. We will keep you up to date on his location.
  2. Open 24/7: Because you never know when a roadside breakdown will happen to be considered a dependable towing company, the company must be available when you need them. With Lucky’s Towing, our phones will be answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to be here when you need us.
  3. The right truck for the job: It’s crucial to know what tow truck to send for what vehicle the towing company is towing. Our dispatchers know the right questions to ask you to find out what truck to send to tow your vehicle. No one what’s their time wasted by having the wrong tow truck sent to them, then having to wait on the correct one.
  4. Certified tow truck operators: Trained tow truck operators will ensure your vehicle towing experience goes smoothly with no damage during transport. All of our tow truck operators a wreckmaster certified and have the experience to leave you thinking towing is easy and fun.

Lucky’s Towing and Recovery has up-to-date equipment and highly trained tow truck operators to meet all your towing and Recovery needs, no matter what you drive. Whether you drive a Deisel Pusher, Class A, B, or C RV to a tractor-trailer, Lucky’s Towing has got your back. So, if you need towing service with reasonable towing rates, then you’re in luck, we’re available to assist you 24 hours of every day.

Your RV Towing Experts

With a full staff of wreckmaster certified and experienced tow truck operators, plus 35 tow trucks, you can rest assured we have the experience you need in a qualified towing company. We’ve been providing experienced towing and roadside assistance services in the Chicagoland area since 1999. Whether you need a motorhome towed to a vehicle as small as a scooter, we’ve got what it takes to provide safe, damage-free, and affordable towing.

RV Towing Chicago

Heavy Duty Towing

With our heavy duty wrecker, we can easily manage large trucks such as dump trucks, trash trucks, and heavy equipment. Also, we provide commercial towing for your fleet of Semis and fully loaded tractor trailers. And we have account management services for our repeat clients. If one of your drivers was in an unfortunate accident, our team knows how to recover and secure your load quickly and professionally. So, don’t let downtime wreck your bottom line. Call Lucky’s Towing and Recovery, and we will get your truck back on the road again.

Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance

From a snowstorm, hail, and rain on the roadway, emergency roadside situations will happen when you travel on the highway and roadways, no matter if you drive, from a fully loaded tractor trailer to a residential motorist. Because of this, Lucky’s Towing and Recovery takes pride in having quick response times and a team of trusted professional tow truck operators who truly care about your safety and well being. Therefore, if you need a tow or a tire change at midnight or 3:00 am, you can rest assured we are ready to help you quickly.

RV Towing Chicago


You should choose Lucky’s Towing and Recovery because we are here for you no matter the time of day or night. Couple that with the fact our tow truck drivers are experienced and certified to tow anything that rolls makes us your best choice. You can’t beat our pocket-friendly prices for the expert services you will receive from us. Don’t call just any towing company. Call Lucky’s Towing and Recovery. The towing team who will go above and beyond for all your towing and recovery needs on your time.


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    RV Towing Chicago
    RV Towing Chicago
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    Roadside Assistance Services

    Did you forget to check your gas gauge? Do you have a low tire? Maybe your toddler locked you out of your car? With our numerous roadside assistance services, we have all the crazy scenarios that could happen when owning a car or truck. If you need help and aren’t sure if it’s a service we provide, give us a call anyway, and our friendly dispatcher will answer any questions you may have.

    RV Towing Chicago