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Are you dealing with a roadside breakdown in Chicago? When your vehicle is giving you problems, trust our team at Lucky’s Towing and Recovery for comprehensive accident towing service. Our team of skilled tow truck operators is committed to customer satisfaction. Therefore you can count on us to make your towing experience positive and hassle-free. And because our phones are answered 24/7, and our trucks are primed, and on the move every day all day, you can rest assured we will be there when you need us.

Towed Truck Experts

Lucky’s Towing and Recovery is a full-service towing company. Our tow truck operators have the knowledge, experience, and training to tow any vehicle on the roadway. Not only do we have the training, experience, and knowledge, but we also strive to be better in every way. From towing a fully loaded tractor-trailer, family vehicle to even a motorcycle, Lucky’s Towing is the most experienced at resolving your roadside breakdown fast with the best possible outcome for you.

Towed Truck Now

Imagine, it’s Midnight. You and a couple of your friends went to Iron Age Korean Steak House to celebrate your birthday. Your evening is going great. But, when you try to start your car, nothing happens. The engine won’t turn over, nothing, not even a click-click. Midnight in Chicago is no time to leave your vehicle sitting until the next day to manage your frustrating situation. Fortunately, at Lucky’s, we are available for all your towing and vehicle transport needs 24/7. We will tow your vehicle to your home or your mechanic. As a trusted towing company located in Chicago, we will arrive promptly to provide you with the assistance you need.

Towing Now
Towed Truck Lucky's Towing and Recovery Chicago

Roadside Assistance

Just to let you know, Lucky’s Towing and Recovery also provides various other solutions that you may need help with roadside, in your driveway, or a parking lot. For example, if you ran over a nail on your way home but didn’t know it until you woke up to a flat tire. Or your teenager thought it was ok to run your car out of gas, leaving you roadside before you could get to the gas station.
Whether you need gas, tire change, battery boost, or an emergency unlock, Lucky’s Towing is happy and willing to get you back on the road as positive and productive as possible. When you find yourself in a jam, turn to Lucky’s Towing and Recovery.

Accident Towing And Recovery

Having an accident is not only frustrating, but it can also be highly stressful. When you are with local law enforcement and need you to immediately get your vehicle off the roadway, calling a towing company that responds immediately is a priority. Because Lucky’s Towing has 35 tow trucks and dozens of experienced tow truck operators, you can count on us to arrive quickly to help relieve some of your stress.

No matter how bad your accident is, we have what it takes to clean it up. Lucky’s Towing and Recovery also provides heavy-duty recovery services. Therefore if you have a tractor-trailer on its side, down an embankment, or Jacked knifed, we have the right equipment and qualified tow truck operators to help. Calling an experienced, highly skilled team to clean up your accident will save you time and money. And we have the facility to secure your load and truck.

Towed Truck Lucky's Towing and Recovery Chicago

Heavy Duty Towing

The trucking industry serves our country by moving goods that benefit our lives and our lively hoods. Lucky’s Towing is ready and willing from the construction industry that uses heavy trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, and large dirt moving equipment to box trucks and tractor-trailers that move food, goods, and raw and finished materials to help keep your trucks on the road. Keeping your trucks moving is what brings in revenue to keep our economy going. Lucky’s Towing and Recovery takes pride in being able to help you save money by providing affordable heavy-duty towing in the Chicagoland area. We offer fleet services that include light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty towing no matter the day or hour. All in all, calling Lucky’s Towing to help you get your vehicles back on the road is affordable, saves you time, and in the long wrong saves you money because we work efficiently and have your best interest in mind.

Friendly Service

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    Towed Truck Lucky's Towing and Recovery Chicago
    Towed Truck Lucky's Towing and Recovery Chicago
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    Flatbed Towing And Transport

    Do you own a vehicle that the manufacturer requires flatbed towing? Or maybe you own a classic or motorcycle? With our flatbed towing service, you are guaranteed to get your vehicle where it needs to be damage-free and on time.

    Do you have equipment you need to move? Whether you are working on a home project or you need a company to move a forklift to your customer, Lucky’s Towing can get the job done with our flatbed transport service on your time.