Most Reliable Towing Companies Chicago

There are many wrecker companies in Chicago. But, not all are reliable. And the last thing you want is a tow truck to show up that resembles the cartoon tomater with an unprofessional driver with a lousy attitude operating the helm.

You will never receive such poor service when you call Lucky’s Towing and Recovery. We are always happy to assist you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All of our trucks are clean and in excellent working order. And our tow trucks are equipped with nothing but the best tools and specialized equipment for towing motorcycles, classic and high-end cars. Our tow truck operators continually train to keep up on the latest towing techniques by attending courses throughout the year. So, when you are looking for a reliable towing company to tow your vehicle, look no further than Lucky’s Towing and Recovery in the Chicagoland Area

What Towing Companies Tow Speciality Cars?

Here at Lucky’s towing, we can’t vouch for the equipment that other towing service companies use. But, we can tell you that we use the right and most up-to-date equipment to tow your classic car, a low-profile or high-end vehicle such as an Aston Martin or a Rolls Royce. It’s not all just about the right equipment. Our tow truck operators will treat your baby with the utmost respect. They follow all the safety procedures set out by your vehicle’s manufacturer to ensure you will receive a damage-free tow no matter what you drive. So, whether you need your Harley Davidson towed across town, or you need your classic Cadillac transported to the shop, Lucky’s Towing is the one to trust.

Affordable Towing Companies

 At Lucky’s Towing, we truly understand how frustrating it is to have to come up with extra monies to pay for a tow truck to tow your vehicle. And we believe our towing rates are affordable for residential motorists and commercial motorists in the Chicagoland area. We set our rates by considering several things. Like any other vehicle, GAS cost to put gas in them to keep them on the road.  Equipment, tow trucks are a huge expense to purchase and keep running and keep all the moving parts working at their best to ensure safety for the tow truck operators and you. Then there’s Labor. Being a tow truck operator is a challenging and dangerous job and should be paid as such. Profit, to be a reliable and affordable tow service, has to be a profit to keep all the above moving parts working to stay open.

With all that said, Lucky’s Towing and Recovery has upfront flat rates with no hidden charges. We are your affordable towing choice in Chicago no matter what you drive.

 Do Towing Companies Offer Jump Starts?

Yes, all towing service companies offer jump starts. Whether your vehicle is sitting in the garage, driveway, or a retail parking lot, Lucky’s Towing will provide you fast roadside assistance service. Whether it’s a jump start you need or an unlock, air in your tire, or a pull start on your tractor trailer, we can quickly and professionally get you back on the road.

Fast Service
Towing Companies Chicago

Heavy Duty Towing Companies Chicago

Not all towing service companies provide heavy duty towing. But, here at Lucky’s Towing and Recovery, we provide heavy duty towing and recovery on all heavy duty vehicles. So, if you are a single operator or manage a fleet of semi’s, dump trucks, fully loaded tractor trailers in the Chicagoland Area, we are available to help get your truck back on the road 24/7. All of our heavy duty tow truck operators are wrekmaster trained and experienced at towing your heavy duty rig and follow all safety procedures to ensure your truck’s safety and other motorists on the roadways.

Towing Companies Chicago

Your Full Service Towing Team

Lucky’s Towing and Recovery is your full-service towing team. We can tow anything with wheels and are available 24 hours a day every day, even on holidays. Our tow truck operators are empathetic to your needs and put you first during your frustrating situation. Yes, we genuinely care about putting our customer’s safety first by providing you with fast, friendly service no matter the hour.

Affordable Towing

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    Towing Companies Chicago
    Towing Companies Chicago
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    Accident Towing And More

    Did an absent-minded teenager rear-end you? Or maybe you swerved to miss a suicide squirrel and hit a tree instead? Whether you drive a passenger vehicle or a commercial heavy duty truck that needs to be recovered along with its load, Lucky’s Towing and Recovery has all the necessary equipment and manpower to get the job done quickly. Don’t just call anyone, call us your go-to towing and recovery team that will leave the accident scene as clean as it was before the accident.